Monday, June 10, 2013

2009 Honda Interceptor VFR800 Specs News and Review

Hondas Interceptor-previously known as the VFR-is one of those enduring machines that continues to sell well. Since its ground-breaking debut in 1983 as a cutting-edge sportbike, the Interceptor has been steadily softened and rounded in subsequent generations from its original hard-core premise, while other Honda models took up the all-out performance corporate sword.
If any one streetbike showcased Hondas innovation and cutting-edge tech, it would have to be the Interceptor.
Sure Honda makes more supersport-focused machines, and we build those that lean more toward luxury touring. And thats the beauty of the Interceptor, how it strikes the perfect balance between the two by delivering powerful, sharp-handling performance and long-range comfort and capability. From its VTEC engine which optimizes power across the entire rpm range to its race-proven Pro-Link® rear suspension and Linked Braking System, the Interceptor is clearly the sum of its incredible, innovative parts.
Universally considered one of Hondas most illustrious race-bred sportbikes, the Interceptor® is also arguably one of the best all-around streetbikes ever made. Featuring a fuel-injected, VTEC-equipped V-4, aluminum chassis, and comfortable, all-day ergos, this is a machine thats equally at home on any paved surface.
Want to boost that razor-sharp, track-bred performance even higher? Then opt in for the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)-equipped edition, which, when working seamlessly together with the bikes Linked Braking System, delivers controlled stopping power in less than ideal conditions.