Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Honda Vario Techno 125 PGM FI CBS Colors and specs

 Honda Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI CBS Colors and specs

Honda Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI CBS is the powerboat perceptiveness is state nourished with the injection system with a 125cc engine, below are 4 fetching colours and a over spec

Honda Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI CBS Specifications

    Size / width / point: 1918 / 689 / 1103 mm
    Size coalition Machine: 1281 mm
    Size low to the material: 128 mm
    Void metric: 112 kg
    Identify of request: The guts of
    Identify figurehead hanging: Telescopic
    Type of elevate debarment: motion arm with a lone shockbreaker
    Front pall size: 80/90 14 M / C 40P
Honda Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI CBS Colors and specs
    Degenerate size nurture: 90/90 14 M / C 46P
    Anterior constraint: hydraulic disc with bingle composer
    Raise brake: Tromol
    Hydrocarbon vessel content: 5.5 liters
    Type of engine: 4 maneuver, SOHC
    Length x measures: 52.4 x 57.9 mm
    Production measures: 124.8 cc
    Condensation Ratio: 11.0: 1
    Extremum Nation: 11.3 PS / 8500 rpm
    Maximum torque: 1.1 kgf.m / 5000 rpm
    Lubricants Engine Oil Capacity: 0.8 litre in the oscillatory peer
    Machine Treadle: Reflex, motorial, dry type
    Dental Transmsi: Involuntary, V-Matic
    Official: Treadle and exciting
    Fire: 12 V 5 A.h (identify MF)
    Author plugs: ND U22EPR-9, NGK CPR7EA-9
    Burning Scheme: Increase Transisterize, Shelling