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In 1981, at just 22 years, Antonio Pinto engine open repair and supplement store. Later in 1987, AJP was established and presented her first creation, Ariane 125, equipped with 2 stroke Casal, named after the daughter of Antonio Pinto was born in the same year. This engine was produced in limited series of 25, but already adopted many original technical solutions that were further explored in future models.

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AJP PR4 125 Enduro 2007

In 1991, AJP established a partnership with Petrogal (currently Galp Energy), that remarkable result was the development of AJP GALP 50, and secondarily developed a full range of synthetic oils for 2 engines tested unleaded gasoline with additives. From 1991-2000, AJP part in the national enduro championship, winning five consecutive titles from 1996 to 2000. AJP, also participated in the national championship the way with wins in 1996, 1997 and 1999.

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2001 was a turning point for AJP: new engine, the AJP PR4 125, missing 4-stroke, launched in the market. Again, innovation is present in the fuel tank placed under the pilots seat. (Innovative feature is still present in todays models), allowing more available by reducing the aggressive behavior of the gravitational axis of motorcycles. The AJP PR4 125 marks the beginning of the AJP export activity, with the first units will be sent to different European countries. France, Germany and England are the first countries to buy motorcycles AJP.