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The idea is the same. Giuseppe Ricciuti, the father of Scrabble, this is also the man behind the latest model. All the symbols of the new 200 classic and modern style in general, straight lines in a soft stroke and harmonic continuity is maintained. Re Scarabeo has redefined urban scooter design. However, in a world of disposable fashion, Scrabble is a continuous line of welcome. One-a-million, with the looks, Scarabeo you experience the city in true elegance. Lives up to its reputation for 200 real trendsetter. 200 Scarabeo style, free from excesses embodies, and nothing in place. Scarabeo can only receive a whole. Small enough to nip through traffic is more chaotic, Scrabble advanced ergonomics and functionality to offer unparalleled comfort and style of driving.

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Carriage of cargo for a flat platform provides a larger space. The player on the steering head on the windshield in a fixed air flow diverts, high speed on the Storm - guaranteeing free travel. Outside temperature display with ice for many tasks, alarm system, air is humane Instrumentation, analog - digital control with trip computer including handlebars. The center has been carefully raised to allow the best possible leverage for the rest of your cake is designed to increase the Scarabeo. The aluminum luggage rack to mount the top box provides an ideal surface. And intelligent use of Chrome, as well as the direction of handlebars, and integrated in many other clever signs, Scarabeo totally makes it unique.

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For the rest of the Scarabeo 200, new engine, the Scarabeo is designed specifically for the Aprilia. This advanced, lightweight, efficient and miserly with access to clean running engines combine excellent performance is almost free of vibration, and ecological philosophy Scrabble with a line of ultra - low emissions, and take pride. This is a fun four-stroke cylinder, ensure the safety and rest. And liquid - cooled, four valve, double overhead CAM cylinder head, the size used for the first time on the Aprilia scooter. Valve timing, this technical solution, specifically optimizing the engine for higher performance, lower emissions, in combination with high power succeeds. No wonder 200 Scarabeo scooter in its class any more influence.