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Bajaj Platina 100cc Bajaj Platina 100cc Review Bajaj Platina 100cc Price

bajaj platina 100 cc review

bajaj platina 100cc 2011

The entry-level Bajaj Platina 100cc motorcycle began to compete as the cheapest bike segment, Hero Honda too. Since its launch, the motor in both Indian consumers and lower costs due to external and presentation was very popular. The number of motor execution, such as bodywork, trim and electronics, such as the former 125th Bajaj Platina 100cc wind in great demand by customers for a great styling, impressive performance, durability and marginal costs in the province. The bike attracts young people, which gives them a right of personal choice for everyday use.

bajaj platina 100 specs

bajaj platina 100 specifications

Bajaj Platina 100cc four-stroke engine has a displacement of the engine and 99.27cc. The engine power reaches the highest 8.2bhp @ 7500rpm and maximum torque of 0.82kgm @ 4500rpm.The ExhausTEC bike is having the ability to increase the torque of the exhaust chamber equipped. ExhausTEC helps more torque at low engine speeds. The engine is a ride control switch, to facilitate the power to identify the optimal throttle valve opening on the first kilometer.

bajaj platina 100cc

bajaj platina 100 review

Design and comfort
Platinum is also the style and the Bajaj Wind 100 Bajaj CT-model is based. The bike is silver and platinum chrome graphics. The chrome strip blade side walls and head to an objective visual satisfaction of the bicycle. The lens and lens blinkers MFR awesome. Grips, handles, mirrors and switches installed correctly. With an attractive matte black finish muffler is the bubble cycle. This stylish polished chrome heat shield and a ring chrome rings on the console. The strong alloy wheels and a sleek rear handle plates of polymer-coated displays the personality of the bike. It is also the speed and the fuel gauge is a tempting view of the concentric circles.