Thursday, May 9, 2013

Honda CB150R Streetfire Racing Style

This is the look of the Honda CB150R Streetfire racing style, are on display at the Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2012. In my opinion, CB150R Streetfire very appropriate with a view like this.

With typical racing themed Tricolor, so amazing. In design there is absolutely no change, only to have a white front light, also the chair aesthetically with a single model like motorbike racing.

Another addition, the front wheels were red lines, while the rear wheels with the blue line, the exhaust is the Pro-Speed, and to strengthen the aura of racing, has been applied to single- arm front suspension models up-side-down. On the machine not unlike the Honda CB150R Streetfire standard model, namely the injection of 150 cc DOHC engine matched 6-speed transmission.