Thursday, May 23, 2013

prices Supra x 125 in helmets a new generation 2011

prices Supra x 125 in helmets, a new generation of 2011 Honda increasingly pamper their customers by launching Supra x 125 helmets in, now the consumer will not be complicated with a helmet, AHM really understand what is needed by the users of this new generation X supra. then complete the pungsional AHM, for completeness of the users. 

Consistent with the name Honda Supra X 125 Helmets in, These motors are equipped with the largest trunk in its class with a volume of 19.5 liters which is sufficient to function as a storage place measuring full-face helmet. automatically with the amount of luggage, its benefits are felt, but can keep the helmet securely in the parking lot, this baggage can also make luggage when shopping with safe and not complicated, so how do you think and whether its just that is provided by PT.AHM? certainly not, in addition to an extensive luggage, supra x125 also has a helmet in a tank that can contain 5.6 liters of gasoline. wah can be calm for long trips. The lighting system relies on a pair of powered 25-watt bulb plus multireflektor for color choices Honda Supra X 125 Helmets in is available in four color options, the Legacy Green, Royal Blue, Gray Luxurious, Majestic and Red. For these vehicles sold Jakarta Rp15, 6 million on the road.