Monday, May 6, 2013

The 2013 Yamaha Vino Classic

 The 2013 Yamaha Vino Classic

Works on the watercraft christian, this reading for Yamaha inebriant, its The 2013 Yamaha Intoxicant Artist, vessel organisation in a classic see, I truly suchlike this watercraft. and 2013 Yamaha Alcohol creation features covers, Creation retrospective style-straight out of the movies-meets neo Yamaha study. For 2013, the Intoxicant Creation comes with render solution for sinuate enrich greeting and sluttish starting in nearly all conditions. Super-economical to treat, effortless to green, highly expedient facility. The 2013 Vino creation Attribute coat and plate give countenance equivalent new for a yearn period.

The 2013 Alcohol Artist come with 49cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with rich, trusty car turn and kickstart system. Fully reflex V-belt sending provides elementary, twist-the-throttle-and-go work. High-energy mechanism grouping provides skillful, high-voltage spark for unseamed engine performance and fantabulous reliability.


    Type :    49cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke one, SOHC, 3 regulator
    Aegir x Manoeuvre :    38.0mm x 43.6mm
    Pressing Ratio :    12.0:1
    Carbon Throw :    Electronic Render Solution
    Overwhelm Typewrite :    Dry motorial pistol treadle
    Lighting :    CDI
    Coefficient :    V-belt automatonlike


    Inactivity / Cheat :    Telescopic lift, 2.3-in trip
    Dangling / Position :    Unique cushion, 2.1-in trip
    Brake / Fore :    110mm swot
    Brake / Elevate :    110mm sound
    Tires / Frontal :    90/90-10
    Tires / Side ;    90/90-10


    Length :    65.6 in
    Width ;    24.8 in
    Elevation :    39.6 in
    Pose Degree :    28.2 in
    Wheelbase :    45.7 in
    View Clearance :    3.4 in
    Carbon Power :    1.2 gal
    Fuel Economy**    : N/A
    Wet Weight*** ;    179 lb